Welcome to Yeah Buoy!

What is Yeah Buoy?

Yeah Buoy is a nautical pun, and a brand created by the YouTuber YeahBuoy. 

Why Yeah Buoy?

Yeah Buoy has an uplifting, energizing effect on people. It draws their attention and makes them smile. It also tends to make people shout "YEAHHH BUOYYY!" 

Yeah Buoy Vs. YeahBuoy

Yeah Buoy (two words) = Brand.

YeahBuoy (one word) = YouTuber.

Who is YeahBuoy?

YeahBuoy is a YouTuber, gamer, cancer-survivor, and university student. He is one of the best players in a video game called World of Warships Blitz. He creates YouTube videos to teach others how to play better and enjoy life a little more.

How did YeahBuoy get his name?

YeahBuoy created his gamer name "YeahBuoy" as a way to make people smile. It was January 2018, and he was at home recovering from a cancer battle that left his left hand paralyzed. He was searching for games that he could play with one hand when he noticed the release of World of Warships Blitz. He downloaded it and was asked to create a player name. He wanted a name that would have a memorable, positive impact on people when they read it, so he chose YeahBuoy. From that day on, he received countless compliments from people that liked his name. Mission accomplished. YEAHHH BUOYYY!


Our mission is to give people ways to pass along the uplifting Yeah Buoy effect in the best way possible, with the highest quality products.

Founder's Values = Our Values

Our founder strives for excellence in everything that he does. He is the good kind of perfectionist-- the kind that others benefit from. He aims for only the best, which translates to the highest quality products and a satisfaction guarantee. 

Quality, authenticity, honesty, reliability, longevity.

We intend to exceed your expectations.